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Marceline Desbordes-Valmore: LOVE



marceline3.3What I have in my heart, burning like our age,

I dare you speak, how to define it?

Is it a burning mirror hit your picture?

A thrilling portrait born of your memory?


See! I think it’s you, even in your absence,marceline2.2

In sleep; eh what! can you still watch?

This overwhelming happiness that gives your presence,

Too quickly deplete the flame of my life.


marceline4.4The same angel can be watched our mothers;

Maybe one soul has formed two children.

Yes, half of which is lacking in your life ephemera,

It beats in my breast where your features are alive!


Under this veil of fire I imprison your life:

There, I love you, innocent, and you only love me:

Ah! if such an existence is followed by rest,

I want to die young, and die with you!

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