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SINKHOLES, Chapter Fourteen: The strange aliens.

SINKHOLES, Chapter Fourteen: The strange aliens.

Retrace the pages of the novels and their Protagonists, making each chapter a journey, an “Author‘s Journey”, where the protagonist is the reader. Choose and read your novel, but when you’ve read all the pages back in Meeting Benches, in the section “Author‘s Travels” where each chapter is an unusual type of travel. 

alieni.1About four months ago, on June 21, a scuffle broke out after the media that the police department in Bratislava was in charge of foreign citizens had decided to have a name in English: “Aliens Police Department of the Police Force Bratislava”. But the word “aliens” had aroused bewilderment among language experts, because it meant for them “intruder from space”, while more appropriately they should prefer “Police for foreigners”. It was the police who controlled the incredible flow of people who didn’t exhibit at a Slovak passport, for they kept all be aliens, extraterrestrials, maybe little green men from Mars.  But none of those men in uniform smiling in the scan with metal detectors who entered those walls, even when some joker mimed to their ET the extraterrestrial, murmuring the paltry “phone home”. Substantially, all of the aliens seemed that day that promised to be memorable for the young Slovak law.

Milos Valco and his friends Slovak Nationalist Party had been blocked at thealienazione.1 entrance didn’t know what the word meant xenophobia fear of everything that was broken down by breed or species, but they were aliens than the judgment that would have been emitted, because it would awarded their desire to intolerance and discrimination, racism, prejudice and homophobia. Their phobia didn’t receive the just reward for the condemnation of the self-confessed to them in law had become a cultural element foreign to their mentality. Even Dr. Kalinak could be considered a stranger, that is alien against his desire to fall in love again, because the invasive species to colonize the feelings of loves, were placed in a habitat different from its emotional alienation, which prevented him to open up emotionally to a woman. Because she was a woman – his ex-wife – the one who had expropriated the good that he considered most precious trust. The Bobulova likely not to get married, now that its haploid cell from reduced X chromosome after fertilization of Marco, had become diploid, taking on the sex chromosome X sperm of what had been the inspector Curtej. The egg was nestled in her womb and Monika would never been to before, because for nine months the period would have been alien.

alienazione.2Petra Liskova, in the uncomfortable part of woman with separate daughters to support, was a special case of alienation. His act to distance separating from a husband and father was apparently flawless regarded as crazy, borderline behavior. For the other was irrelevant that Petra had read Herbert Mancuse and had received and put into practice the teaching of the man who had written his favorite book “The Man of a dimension”. She didn’t want to be sold in its role as a woman and mother, didn’t want to be subject to rules created by others and continue to be under the thumb of the gear that he considered inferior to men. The ex-husband of Petra, the Commissioner Hochschorner, peeping her cleavage unattainable by Dr. Ynat, certainly didn’t know that his existential alienation was due to that described by Sigmund Freud, who described long before the discomfort fundamental Pavel, where the civilization, between barbarism and civilization. That cop was paying the price for special benefit from the civilization that had offered the iPhone, custom car, a month of paid vacation and condoms to avoid infecting his wife some venereal disease spam. He had psychologically and culturally the cognitive tools to manage themselves the contradiction of being a husband and father along with his sexual performance anxiety, that his bloody psychosis that left him a glimpse of the nature, but not the culture of the woman who stood before him.

20130601_214154Mr. and Mrs. De Botton, like all the rich that they would feel lees alienated aboard their sailboat, could well have been used as examples by Carl Gustav Jung: their spirit coincided with the libido and what it was fed. It was their neurosis to heal as they sailed for the Mediterranean. Jacques Delors and Marina Hoffer, the only ones in the eyes of the policeman who was caressing the woman from Italian passport – looking for some unlikely weapon – what appeared to be two people from a different world, a dimension that his mind was not ordered in the able to classify. No cases of friendship as they had never happened to the discretion of its investigation, which is why he regarded it as the most alien of others. Obviously, the man in uniform had not read anything by Ludwig Feuerbach and even what the German philosopher had written about the essence of religion: “We are located within nature, and should be put out of it our beginning, our origin? Live in nature, with nature, nature, and should not, however, be derived from it? What contradiction”. If he had known that the two believed in the connection in a sequence space-time which denier their individual immortality, surely he would also handcuffed as dangerous aliens to look at the view. He too had his stinking hole, but she could make out the depth and scope existential didn’t like how those two continued to shake the hands of lovers, as well as didn’t like to remember that morning – waking up after a night retort – his wife the night before he had pretended to be asleep while he owned from behind, without those stupid preliminary she claimed, were not lovers. The hands of those two had brought back what his wife clutching the pillow, crying silently. The policeman so loyal regulations have loved to have a uniform ordered a new phone, the car well washed, the truncheon on his belt and wives in their place. Like most of his colleagues imagined them always in bed, efficient and clean in the kitchen and impeccable with his daughters. << Follow me please, you two think you should you sit in the next room. Routine checkups >>.

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