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SINKHOLES, Chapter Ten: Elective Affinities.

SINKHOLES, Chapter Ten: Elective Affinities.

Retrace the pages of the novels and their Protagonists, making each chapter a journey, an “Author‘s Journey”, where the protagonist is the reader. Choose and read your novel, but when you’ve read all the pages back in Meeting Benches, in the section “Author‘s Travels” where each chapter is an unusual type of travel.

matitagialla.1<< Hello Petra, tell me about your week in Istria, I saw that you didn’t open our Skype contact, I guess maybe you wanted to enjoy in this quiet and of summer. Too bad, because I had urgent need to update you on my contact web, you should know that I met Mathias Jetruc. As soon as you are free, call me on the phone, I would like to tell you in person. >> When he received the responsive call from Petra, Monika was updated on the fact that the intention of separating from her husband had been turned into reality, but remained surprised to learn that contact with the French left had inexplicably stopped and that her friend didn’t stay who read the pages Skype written together with Jacques, and observe the yellow pencil writing on the screen of his computer words full of love, which no longer had a recipient.

Those words and the emotions that for two months had gone too fast, nowmaximiliandelikateso1 flowed silent, almost swallowed up in the computer memory that could not categorize emotions, which didn’t distinguish the color of the feelings or the taste of elective affinities, those too late Petra discovered to have arisen between herself and Jacques. When they saw the Delikateso Maximilian, was a cold evening in late September at 21:30 and the place was completely deserted. Monika Bobulova watched the face of Petra and hardly recognize the delicate features and joyous beginning of the summer. It was as if the three months of the dry season had seen the hope, in addition to marriage in crisis for a long time that her friend left-handed and thoughtful.

maximiliandelikateso23<< Why not give him a call Petra, he left you his mobile number, try, you cannot keep going on this way. You’re ridiculous to come to this place and hope to meet a person who does not live in Bratislava. If you don’t have the courage, I can call in your name, I told him what you told me and that he may not have understood. Basically you didn’t you ever talk about harmony of souls, feelings sparkling, the fear of falling in love, the madness of your love for him. What harm is there to tell him directly, specifically? Jacques should know that he is your half special for the two of you should know that the times isn’t important and that his in your inexplicable distance you could you sing your song, without the teaching of his notes. Petra, look into my eyes, not on the ground! Where’s your courage, your joy of living and travel? >>

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