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SINKHOLES, Chapter Nine: Paris correct all errors.

SINKHOLES, Chapter Nine: Paris correct all errors.

Retrace the pages of the novels and their Protagonists, making each chapter a journey, an “Author‘s Journey”, where the protagonist is the reader. Choose and read your novel, but when you’ve read all the pages back in Meeting Benches, in the section “Author‘s Travels” where each chapter is an unusual type of travel.

te-paris_taxi_sign.1Petra looked out the window of the hotel, on the dark alley had just parked taxi carrying the handsome stranger that she was out of the blue invited to dinner. Taken his bag and tidied the apartment she already prepared in minutes, dressed in flowing skirts in fresh red and black top, silk scarf and shoes simple black flats. Going downstairs thought to what is actually expected of the evening. Around the city, at night, with Tim next to her, was incredible. It seemed a little ‘awkward, but trying to hide it all, she was full of expectations for the evening.

Tslide_11.1heir touch the knees, to the rhythmic movements of the taxi, in turn, didn’t allow Petra to concentrate fully on the terms of that dialogue between the knees. Together scrutinized the nightlife of the city from the windows, as Tim pointed out some of the attractions of the city, along with his favorite places. It seemed like a good way to put shivers of excitement in the minds of Petra, as well as the first time since she had known.

candelaPetra said to love Paris, its atmosphere, while he watched her curiosity, ardent listener of his lectures. When she had finished, she noticed his gaze intense: << I’m sorry if I was boring. >> He answered quickly: << Not at all. >> It was not at all sure that was interested in architecture. The taxi stopped in front of the restaurant, we had to get off. He took her arm, and she let him take her where she wanted, but she lied, knowing that the place of fish near the river Seine where they were going was called “The Violin – The best place to Kiss”. They had both stopped, surprised reading that name, wondering why he chose this restaurant by chance, on the recommendation of the hotel receptionist who had given some suggestions. It seemed that every time Tim was special. Upon entering the restaurant with mischievous wink agreed that the choice had proved right. He understood without words and I understand him. The environment was bright, but the dining room was the soft candlelight, the arched ceilings with original wooden beams created a warm feeling. Perhaps, the intense red carpet put them in a mood lively when they walked among the tables, or perhaps they were hypnotized by the same fate? This lovely place looked like the real Paris, whatever that might mean.

cheleSeated in a non-smoking area, with almost no one around, they were reading the menu. Petra was not an expert in seafood, like all the people who come from the hinterland, but he seemed otherwise very qualified, and she asked him to choose some seafood. The waiter was coming, they could order two crab claws done in black pepper and choose a sparkling wine. Tim leaned forward to talk to her, explaining the table with the menus, the way they were prepared crabs in Thailand, she could almost smell her perfume, maybe he was looking at her over to talk to her. Told her to be a chef specializing in deserts and teas, adding that he could make her a desert at the end of dinner. She had learned all about the exotic cuisine that he had met on the occasion of his assignments in Thailand and Malaysia.

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