THE DEAF SOUND OF THE BATTLE: Novel by Antonio Scurati



800px-San_Romano_Battle_(Paolo_Uccello,_London)_01The detail and concrete narrative, carrying the reader in the fifteenth century Italian, but chapter after chapter details those same touch our daily lives. Leafing through the pages of this novel, we’ll discover what the advent of gunpowder had produced in the exercise of those distant years, but the twisting inner those who were accustomed to the sword and the bow will seem current – even in the folds of flesh penetrated without blades – why pikes and halberds seem less distant than five centuries of history there misting the noise and vigor of those who used those weapons.800px-San_Romano_Battle_(Paolo_Uccello,_Paris)_01

The man born in Fivizzano in June of 1476, will be close to our emotions, and we will be able to look in his life, charmed by its ceremonial and its human weaknesses. Discovering, perhaps, that I am also a little ours.



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