COLORISeven -tenths of the globe are covered by the ocean , seven-tenths of the human body are made ​​of water and an electromagnetic field – Aura – wraps the extraordinary opportunities that we call existence. The different densities of energy that each of us has a special radiates oval , with seven different shades of color correlated to our feelings and emotions, but also for your health. As in any closed kinematic chain , even in the Aura those seven different density magnetic interact with each other , creating balance or imbalance in our Auric seven bodies : physical, emotional, rational , relational, mental , spiritual and divine .
ANELLIcOLOREThe Rainbow Aural envelops our whole life , interacting with our existential growth , and as well as in the different phases of our human experience , although its colors are different – that is representative of mental and physical conditions dynamically intertwined with each other . The Purple Aural indicates spiritual thoughts , while the Indigo innate intuitive abilities , Blu balance and Green attitudes to natural healing, the Yellow means joy, Orange its capacity to engage the Red materialism and the Brown worries , while the Gray is related to the lack of sharpness .
Some people are able to “see” the aura that surrounds the head and shoulders of his fellow men , an incredible innate aptitude able to investigate the causes of color changes attributable to internal or external stimuli . Of an identical person , we are able to perceive what we generically call ” his mood ,” but often transient condition of the Aura knows the combined effects of the way in which we live and breathe , the food and medicines . I have had personal experience of living together with a daughter , wonderfully equipped to observe the magical colored dome that enveloped his fellow men, and I have also found that the capacity has gradually disappeared , with the eruption of adolescence. I still remember with joy the days spent with you , baby, when he told me : “Dad , you’re wrapped in blue .” We are on our way to see that rainbow Aural , become aware of the energy fields that surround our life , our existence mixing paint shades appropriate to equip to travel in the seven -tenths of water , communicating with the seven colors of the Aura .

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