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A novel about feelings and emotions, two stories covering two historical periods, 1805 and 2012 of Austerlitz of us all.   This is the new novel Meeting Benches publish in e-book format from 20 December. Among its 300 pages, some will soon be published on the site meetingbenches.com


Not necessary to follow him, because he was chasing you. He had good eyes and a long memory, capable of doing the globe – and  its human termite mound – a place without Time where he was the absolute ruler.  His name was Destiny, and Didier Kellerman did his calculations without taking into account the irresistible force, that for many years the magnetized on that hill, all the time in a Full Moon of November.

The man with white hair had eighty-five years, but also on that cold Autumn morning had brought with him a red rose, wrapped in a page of notebook paper inked.

How did twenty-two years, he had read the Moon’s words on that paper, and the nature around him was still being Austerlitz, the woman he had never ceased to love: she was the lawn and his dew at night, she was the hooting of the owl and the flow of water in the stream below that hill. While reading, that corner of Moravia retained the love of his life only for him, returning the reassuring presence of his infinite joy.

“As a daughter or a son, also this page he needs both parents. I bring you our new creature card this Fall, because you can take care of it. Be peaceful Litz, even as I’m, next to you”.

The day after, they were the tourists to find that man. He was sitting on a bench leaning against the binnacle on Santon, a place where even in that year there was intense preparations for the historical re-enactment of a distant battle.

Seemed to be sleeping, his blue eyes were open and serene face, as if he had found what he was looking for, but it was cold that night to bring the Infinite from which it came.

All this, however, was started many years ago, and what had happened was still living in the memory of the people who had knew his story.

The man had been a French hussar of the second armored regiment, had started his intriguing journey of life without an atlas, but with a stimulating and original vision of Time and of the Unknown.

In the map without names of cities and rivers, seas and mountains, had known fear and anger, disgust and disappointment, but it was accidentally arrived at an inn Morava, knowing a special woman who had taught him the preciousness of joy and surprises, of ‘approval and expectations. Around the fascinating quadrilateral existential feelings unsure what he called “I wish”, he had drawn a perfect circle, the one that held his determination, his “want”.

“I want” and “I wish”, together with the woman he loved dearly, had become a “we can”, but had crossed a second story, far from their nearly two centuries, stories of a past that were incredibly apparent off related to their life . A diary, an old yellowed by time and diary written by a French hussar of the first, retained the certainty that love affairs seemingly far kept not only the memory of historical events, but also the flavor of apples and emotions, of two beings human being who, like them, had tried to write their “we can.”

Many events had accompanied their five years of marriage, but along with the memory of a few years that had preceded them, as if the emotional memory of an improbable chain of a DNA helix feelings.

These pages contain the past and the present of two love stories, seemingly unfinished, together with the Paris Rue Saint Maur, the rituals of emotions and places of the Battle of Austerlitz, telling of a paper diary poor and the “no man’s land” that accompanies the human drama.

 Reading, you can find improbable seasons and the strange feelings that surround the metropolitan city of lights, coming – as in any story – at its conclusion, the room next door which some call the Infinite, impossible to find a place where the lost happiness and your own house without walls, where never die.




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