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SPIRITORA, on Meeting benches


1375869_738506266166957_1724457820_nIf you are a dreamer, please COME IN.
If you are a traveler, adventurer, well-wisher or shy one, come and sit here for a while. There are millions benches all over the world and each has its own stories.
They say: “Benches are situated to provide a comfortable means of enjoying and contemplation of beautiful landscape, a busy street or perhaps a specific event”. There are no keys to imagination how to provide, it lies within, listening sensibility to inner voice and feelings and words creatively become sentences, pages or books.
On meeting benches of my mind I sit and relax, looking over roofs and into windows of my soul, going beyond boundaries of time, exploring momentary unpredictability of life. Immersing myself into my writing, I take advantage of my imagination and play with words and visions, giving them context and above all I need to feel EMOTION.
If we are able to walk meters or travel thousands kilometers in our life, Meeting benches connect us with fated places and people. So, ENJOY and TELL US YOURS STORY…


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