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panchine20Sometimes, it happens to pass by special benches that tell stories details, such as that of someone who does not have a bed to sleep, or a chair in which to reflect. Some people without a home, traveling with little luggage and on those benches pose their lives, sometimes leaving a message to strangers on the identical place will spend a moment of their lives.

George Bressant, a French poet, wrote those words delicate benches used by lovers, and they also gave rise to a song, which speaks of right-thinking people who criticize the misuse of those seats that – for them – should be used by obese people or older people. The benches are everywhere in the world, as everywhere in the world are the emotions, such as read a book, take pictures, rocking a baby in a pram, hold the hand of her loved one, have a snack, a scratchabove the heart with two acronyms two initials.

When you sit down on a bench again, caressing her, because she will tell all her stories fascinating and delicate, and the whisper of those who came before you in that place will accompany your day.


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