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There is no here without a there


image006It ‘a pencil drawing ink and paper written by a left-handed man around 1490, became famous as an ideal representation of the proportions of the human body that Leonardo da Vinci had imagined inscribed inside a circle and a square.

That design was inspired by the Italian painter from the words of his old compatriot, the Roman architect Vitruvius, allowing Leonardo to be able to see the man in his uniqueness, scientific and classical.

Is that by invoking a choice that we wanted to imagine a different representation of the Vitruvian man, imagining that the roundness of the geometric mind could live with the simplicity of the sides of a charming square where joy and surprise, expectation and approval, four emotion emotions that dialoque with the thought of the writer, reader or walks in his life.

They were the ancient medieval codices studied by Fritz Saxl to pass on to Leonardo represented the image of the naked man with open arms, inscribed within a square or a circle. “Past&Present” are “Here&There” of our proposal, that invites any web-traveler to sit on our benches of the meeting, where any emerging writer or reader can walk in their own emotion, knowing other people and knowing about himself.


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